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Before & After

Before porcelain-composite-veneers-before
After porcelain-composite-veneers-after

Jessica felt her gum tissues were less healthy than they could be. She wished for straight teeth, which would be whiter and have an ideal shape. Since getting porcelain veneers on her upper and lower teeth, Jessica feels more confident communicating at work!

Before rob-before
After rob-after

Rob had always hoped for vibrant white teeth. After completing some take-home whitening, Rob married the love of his life!

Before space-between-teeth-before
After space-between-teeth-after

After years of grinding and clenching, Matt felt his damaged teeth looked too short. In addition, he noticed some spacing in his top teeth. Matt noticed that he avoided smiling when possible. After a mixture of invisalign and porcelain veneers, Matt now has a smile to light up a room! And he smiles all the time!

Before too-much-gum-before
After too-much-gum-after

Heather wanted a beautiful smile, like her sister. She was concerned that her smile seemed small and showed too much gum. After some minor gum surgery and ten porcelain veneers, Heather now feels confident smiling next to her sister!

Before perfect-smile-before
After perfect-smile-after

Barbara is a singer and an actress. She wanted a smile as beautiful as the art she created. After having invisalign and composite veneers on her front teeth, Barbara feels amazing on stage!

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