Gum Reshaping

Do you feel you have a ‘gummy smile’?  Perhaps gum reshaping is for you.

Gum Reshaping is a dental procedure that raises and sculpts the gum line.  This involves minimally invasive repositioning of the tissue and/or underlying bones in order to make teeth look longer and more symmetric.  This treatment can also be done in conjunction with veneers and dental bonding.

This procedure creates a gumline that is customized to your smile. Dr. Seddon and Dr. Dhillon use a mathematical equation and their years of experience to give you a gumline perfect for your smile.

Benefits of Gum Lift:

Reshaping the gumline can make large improvements to your confidence and appearance. This treatment can improve the overall health of the gums and mouth and is very conservative.

Gum Reshaping  Gum Reshaping

 Potential Risks:

With any gum procedure, there is a risk of infection, gumline sensitivity, and temporary post operative discomfort.

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