Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Procedure

If the tooth has an infection, bacteria must be removed so that the tooth may survive. Root canals ensure that bacteria, infection, and dead nerve tissue are eliminated from the tooth and surrounding tissues.

Dr. Seddon and Dr. Dhillon give local anaesthetic (freezing), to ensure optimal comfort for all patients. To protect your tooth from bacteria in your saliva during the treatment, a team member places a rubber dam around the tooth being treated. Dr. Seddon and Dr. Dhillon then make an opening in the tooth to reach the root canal system and the damaged pulp. Using very fine dental instruments, the infected pulp/nerve is removed by cleaning and enlarging the canal. After the canal has been cleaned, the canal is filled and sealed. The opening of the tooth is then sealed with permanent filling.  This process can be done in one or two stages, depending on the nature of your infection. It is recommended that most teeth with root canals also receive crowns to maintain their strength.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy relieves pain from toothaches and is less expensive than tooth extractions with placements of bridges and implants. It also prevents other teeth from becoming infected.

Root Canal Risks: Temporary bruising at injection site, temporary pain or swelling, breakage of files inside the  tooth, cracks inside the tooth.

Potential Candidates: People who have abscesses, pain or toothache. Infected teeth  should not be left untreated

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