Dental Implant Cost

Factors that Affect Tooth Implant Cost

There are several factors that can affect the cost of dental implants and we can help you make payment
arrangements if needed. Some factors that affect tooth implant cost include:

  • Number of teeth involved
  • Bone loss
  • Type of tooth replacement procedure
  • Sinus lift
  • Presence of periodontal disease
  • Need for extractions
  • Being edentulous

Dental Implants Cost in West Vancouver, BC

The following factors can affect tooth implant cost:

  • Number of teeth involved – the more teeth that need to be replaced, the more expensive the cost of dental implants can be
  • Extent of bone loss – the cost of dental implants can fluctuate if you have experienced a significant amount of bone loss
  • Type of procedure – your tooth implant cost will fluctuate depending on the type of procedure you are having
  • Sinus lift – the cost of dental implants will be higher if you need to undergo a sinus lift before your tooth replacement procedure
  • Presence of periodontal disease – your dental implant success rate will be much higher if you get treated for periodontal disease. Dr. Nick Seddon or Dr. Dhillon may recommend periodontal therapies or gum disease treatment as part of your treatment plan
  • Need for extractions – if you need to have teeth removed before your procedure, your tooth implant cost will be higher than the average
  • Being edentulous – if you do not have any teeth at all, you may need more aggressive treatment which will affect your total cost of treatment

For more information about your tooth implant cost and treatment options, schedule your consultation with
Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon today!

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