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Cosmetic Dentistry

About Cosmetic Treatments

Your smile is said to be one of the most important assets in both your personal and professional life.Cosmetic Dentistry
It is linked to self-confidence and success.

Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon and  take pride in the aesthetic treatment they do for patients on a daily basis, whether that involves any combination of composite bonding, veneers, esthetic recontouring, Invisalign, or tooth whitening. They are active members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and are en route to accreditation status, which recognizes dedication to continuing education, careful adherence to the protocol and a resolve to produce exceptional dentistry.

For all cases involving any type of cosmetic treatment, Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon incorporate form, the dimensions and proportions of the face and smile, and function, the way the teeth come together, to create natural aesthetic looks that are customized to each patient. Feel free to come in for a complimentary esthetic consultation if you are interested in improving your smile!

Cosmetic Dental Procedures in West Vancouver

Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon are happy to provide a number of treatment options as a cosmetic dentist.

Porcelain Veneers – These can be used to repair a number of defects including teeth that are fractured, discoloured or worn down.  Veneers can also be used to fix teeth that are too small or that are out of position.  The tooth is prepared by removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the new veneer and a temporary acrylic veneer is put in place.  An impression is taken and sent to the lab where a custom porcelain veneer is made.  Once the final porcelain veneer is ready, it is cemented into place and your new smile is ready to be shown off to the world.

Prepless Veneers This is a quick way to get the smile you deserve without having to make a full commitment to veneers as the process may be reversed.  Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon will expertly mill the veneers on site.  Ideal for patients who do not have badly stained teeth and who wish to have a brighter smile straight away.

Composite Bonding – This is a quick and painless option for repairing chipped or discoloured teeth.  In this process, a composite resin that has been dyed to match the colour of the tooth it is repairing is layered into place and then light-cured.  Once the last layer is in place, the composite resin is polished and shaped to match the contours of the tooth.  Your new tooth is now a match for the rest of your smile.

Teeth Whitening – Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon can provide tooth whitening for cosmetic purposes either in the office or as part of a take-home package.  Need your teeth whitened in a hurry for a special occasion?  Then come to our office for a single visit solution.  One appointment and your teeth are whitened as you relax in the chair.  In less of a hurry?  Come in for an appointment to have your custom-made whitening trays made and whiten your teeth at home over a two week period.

Botox® – Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon offer a simple and quick, non-surgical treatment that delivers great, natural-looking results.  Read more information about Botox procedures in Patient Resources.

Gum Reshaping – Gum Reshaping is a dental procedure that raises and sculpts the gum line.  This involves minimally invasive repositioning of the tissue and/or underlying bones in order to make teeth look longer and more symmetric.  This treatment can also be done in conjunction with veneers and dental bonding.

A Combination for Success

Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon’s experience and training lets them use a combination of techniques to provide the best treatment options for their patients.  By combining a variety of practices and techniques, Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Seddon are able to offer choices that produce desired results for patients.

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Efficient and pain free treatment. Dr Dhillon is a star!!

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Dr Tina and her team are amazing! A super-positive experience…. 10 out of 10.

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As always the team at Dundarave Dental Clinic are very kind and provides very comfortable, friendly, yet professional environment. I definitely recommend the office to others.

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