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Patient Reviews

  1. After having some terrible experiences with other dentist in Vancouver, finally found a good dentist that care for the patient. Dr. Tina and the team (Diane and Novi) are super nice and professional. I am extremely happy with the service and treatment. Thank you so much.

    Yogen M

  2. Dr. Dhillon and her team are the best in class. I was looking for a new dentist in West Vancouver and found this clinic. I have to say I have been blown away by the staff and of course Dr. Dhillon. The staff are very patient, fun and friendly. They make you feel very welcome and right at home. I find Dr. Dhillon so gentle, patient and always concerned you are having the best possible experience in her clinic. I would give them 10 stars if possible. Thank you Dr. Dhillon and staff!

    S McG

  3. Efficient and pain free treatment. Dr Dhillon is a star!

    Rochelle Moller

  4. As always the team at Dundarave Dental Clinic are very kind and provides very comfortable, friendly, yet professional environment. I definitely recommend the office to others.

    Michael K.

  5. Dr Tina and her team are amazing! A super-positive experience…. 10 out of 10.

    Spencer Gray

  6. Dr Tina has an excellent approach to her practice in Dentistry. As a health care professional myself, I appreciate a high standard of care and Dr Dhillon demonstrates this quality well. Excellent practice and clinic staff, from the front desk to the dentist chair!

    C. Otaka

  7. Shay Mitchell

    Thanks for my pearly whites!

    Shay Mitchell – star of Pretty Little Liars

  8. I have never had a good experience with a dentist and Dr. Seddon has now changed my feelings. The whole office is friendly and fun I really enjoyed my first appointment and do not feel the anxiety that I normally feel for going back for my next appointment.

    Julie W.

  9. Great follow-up and like the texting option to remind me of appts. Thanks!

    Josie R.

  10. Great initial appointment. Knowledgeable, very friendly, attentive staff. I really felt I was respected, listened to, and given reasonable options in a way that suited me. And they said my teeth were nice! I realized after my experience yesterday that I’ve been putting up with a dentist and staff with bad manners which is why I’ve been defensive and resentful. Ahhh, what a relief! Thank you!

    Jean M.

  11. Thank you for the outstanding treatment so far – positive, fun, intelligent and professional environment with the best dentist and dental assistant ever. I am excited for my veneers 🙂

    Tania G.

  12. Not only when I arrived was I greeted when I left I was accompanied down to street level to make sure I didn’t fall on the ramp incline.

    Dorothy L.

  13. I wouldn’t change anything. Hygienist was very professional. I seemed to be in and out in no time.

    Merle L.

  14. Dr. Seddon did a fantastic job replacing one of my fillings and it is like it never happened. Feels very comfortable and no issues on biting down on it. Bite fits perfectly. Thank you Jean for getting me so quickly and thank you Dr. Seddon for taking care of the tooth so quickly and professionally.

    Kim M.

  15. Both the dental assistant and the hygenist spent a lot of time with me, answered lots of questions, etc. Thanks.

    Darla D.

  16. I am very appreciative of the care, understanding and expert skill provided by Nick related to the removal of my wisdom teeth. Jean and the dental assistants were also very kind and attentive and everyone made me feel as comfortable as possible. I haven’t experienced any pain post-op and attribute this to Nick’s skills and the solid pre- and post-op pain medication. I haven’t needed any pain medication at all today (the day after). Thanks to everyone for your excellent care and support!

    Maggie P.

  17. Very professional and unique group of team members who are incredibly comfortable with each other and provided great care. Dr. Seddon went so far as to calling me personally the same day I had my wisdom teeth removed at 8:30pm just to check in and make sure I was feeling OK! AMAZING service!

    Reid S.

  18. Very friendly staff from Jean at reception to the hygienists and the good Dr himself!!!

    Graham M.

  19. Jean is wonderful, she always recognises and greets me by name. Each of the dental hygienist I’ve seen have been knowledgeable and have been very considerate. Dr Seddon is an excellent dentist. I appreciate him keeping abreast of the newest techniques in dentistry. This is by far the best dental experience I’ve had in years.

    Niki L.

  20. The level of service and care that I receive from Jean, Mya, and Nick is extraordinary. I am put at ease by Nick and his team, and actually enjoy coming in. Keep up the great work!

    Andrew N.

  21. Melanie did a great job – very thorough and professional.

    Gordon G.

  22. Really friendly staff. I really appreciated the fact that Dr.Seddon understood that I didn’t have insurance and was able to offer me his services and treatment at a lower cost. You don’t meet a lot of dentists who do that! He really put me first. Thanks:)

    Samira H.

  23. I appreciate that I am put at ease by the staff, and I feel I get personal attention. The fact that I am not a “High End” client who can invest in state-of-the-art implants is readily accepted. Nevertheless, I always feel I get the best of Dr.Seddon’s and the excellent staff’s professional skills. I believe I left treatment with Dr.Seddon with the best possible solutions for my dental problems. I have not been this happy with my teeth since I was 17.

    Michael H.

  24. Keep up the Ace service, Team!

    Mike I.

  25. The best, as always!

    Bob P.

  26. It was a pleasant first time experience with friendly, confident staff. Dr. N. Seddon was professional and answered my questions I had in a friendly manner. Oh, I’m still waiting for “Whitecap tickets”!! Thx!

    Margo Gregson

  27. My family first attended this office with Dr. Bourgeault about 1967. I had hoped he would “see me out” as we Scots say. I was devastated with his loss and worried whether his successor would be up to the same standard and level of care and if I would need to find a new practitioner. I’m happy to say that my worst fears have been banished and I’m delighted to be in continuing excellent care with Dr.Seddon and his team. Thank you all.

    Morag C.

  28. I appreciate the personal, attentive, and professional care of all your team/staff.

    Bill H.

  29. All was comfortable and well handled.

    Roger E.

  30. Always impressed with Mya’s professionalism and friendliness.

    Peter R.

  31. Although it was a long procedure, I felt well cared for and at ease. I particularly appreciated the evening call to confirm that I was doing well.

    Isabelle M.

  32. Always the best.

    Robin D.

  33. You guys are great- I actually like coming to the dentist now!

    Talis N.

  34. You know I love you all. Have a nice Spring. See you in the summer.

    Rita E.

  35. As always, it was a great experience. If it just wasn’t for the needles…lol! You are all doing a super job!

    Karen D.

  36. My check ups and cleanings are always a very relaxing experience! I could fall asleep in the chair! Many thanks as always.”

    Dermot S.

  37. My usual hygienist was on holiday and I found the person replacing her friendly, informative, deeply engaged in her work and responsive to all my questions. I left feeling very well looked after.

    Jean M.

  38. Having had a number of dentists in my short 40 odd years, Dr. Nick is by far the best I have had. Thank you and keep it up.


  39. Dr. Seddon makes me smile every time! I actually like going to the dentist and before Dr. Seddon I didn’t!

    Megan C.

  40. Dr. Nick and Jessica are a great team, always learning something. Jean is a treasure, always been.

    Eric L.

  41. My tooth does feel better today. Thanks!

    Sally S.

  42. Excellent service. The treatment done to my front tooth was better than I expected. Please remain being a group of very pleasant people.

    Sonia G.

  43. You know we’re two of your biggest fans:) We have and will continue to recommend Dr. Nick and your team to friends!

    Karen D.

  1. Dr Dhillon does wonderful work. As soon as you walk in you are greeting by the team in a warm, gentle environment. They take care to ensureyou are comfortable right from the get go. When it comes to the dental work, Dr Dhillon’s craft is second to none. I speak from experience after having chipped 3 teeth, she made them better than new. I highly recommend.

    Michael Kruse-Dahl

  2. I found Dundarave Dental after looking for a third opinion on a difficult cosmetic procedure. After being blown away by the staff and and dental work, I have been a happy patient for over six years. Dr Seddon and Dr Dhillon are incredibly warm and welcoming and their advanced knowledge and skills are impressive. I have been impressed even further lately after I, and later a family member, had a significant dental emergencies outside of office hours. Dr Dhillon went far out of her way and dropped what she was doing so she could assist right away. I am extremely greatful and will continue to refer friends and family. A big thank you to Dr. Seddon and Dr. Dhillon, Jean on front desk and the rest of the team!

    Jennifer Rapley

  3. Thank you Dr Nick. My implant is perfect and combined with correcting my bite.  It is the first time in many years that I can properly chew and enjoy my food. I have gone to several dentists looking for a fix.   Some were better than others but your skill level finally gave me a result. I sincerely appreciate Jessica referring me to you. I am an hour’s drive from your office but I will gladly continue to make the journey because you and your staff are the best.

    Lorraine M

  4. While giving a weekend program at the University of British Columbia I first met Nick when he was a dental student. I was immediately impressed by his curious nature and his earnest quest to learn. Over the last few years I have had the privilege to mentor Nick and I am proud to state that he has continued with his passion. He exhibits strong clinical skills in all the disciplines of dentistry he chooses to focus on explicitly for the benefit of his patients.

    Dr. Mike Racich

  5. Everything is always done to perfection always!!

    Barb S.

  6. Great dental office, great staff, warm and welcoming environment; I will definitely continue to receive my Dental care through Dr. Seddon.

    Clint D

  7. Nick has been my dentist for over a year now, and I am always thrilled with his service. He and his staff are courteous and and outgoing, and make the health of the patient their number one priority. Nick and his team stay up to date through extensive continuing education, and are early adopters of the best new technologies in dentistry. I recommend him without hesitation.

    Tom, Manager in Biotechnology

  8. I have been a patient of Nick’s for over a year and a half, and have nothing but praise for his level of professionalism and his genuine care for his patients. I wholeheartedly refer Nick to anyone in need of a dentist.

    Catherine, MBA

  9. I became a patient of Dr. Seddon’s shortly after he began his practice and have been extremely pleased with the professionalism of him and his staff. I was most significantly impressed when he began a whitening treatment program for me prior to my wedding in 2007. I only had a 6 month period between my engagement and wedding day and by the time I mentioned my desire to brighten my smile to Dr. Seddon, I only had 4 months remaining before the big day. While this may seem like a simple treatment, I had a composite veneer and a Maryland bridge that were 14 years old and would need to be replaced to match the new whiteness of my teeth. This had always prevented me from looking into the treatment. Dr. Seddon got started immediately on my smile and by the end of the 4 months, I not only had a whiter and brighter smile, but also a new bridge and porcelain veneer that vastly improved the look of my teeth. He worked diligently under the tight timelines and always accommodated my requests when I thought the colour ‘wasn’t quite right’ or the shape of the tooth ‘looked funny’. I fully trust Dr. Seddon with my smile and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

    Nicole Turcotte, Mortgage Broker

  10. Thank you for your help and for taking such good care of my smile.

    Sally S.

  11. Superb!  In a word it sums up the exceptional services, value and care that has always been provided to our family since 1962.  I have have experienced dental care in the UK (sorry very much lacking!) in South Bend IN (very good) and Beverly Hills (exceptional and $$$)  Dr. Seddon and staff continues in the professionalism which instills trust in the patient together with a genuine appreciation for the patients well being on a 24/7 basis.

    Michael L.

  12. Both my husband and I have been to Dr. Seddon for crowns, major restorative work, Invisalign, and filling replacements over the past few years. We have always found him and his team to be exceptionally skilled, professional, and compassionate. As a teacher of dentistry himself, he is always on the cutting edge of technology but he remains “high touch” in an otherwise high tech world. His commitment to his patients is second to none. When we were new patients, we were so impressed (stunned!) when we received a call from Dr. Seddon personally, after hours, to check on how we were doing. I wouldn’t hestitate to recommend him to anyone.

    Karen Dodd

  13. The cancer screening at my last appointment was a welcome surprise.

    Liane W.

  14. Being afraid of dentists and doctors, I was quite nervous going in but the pain forced me to. All four wisdom teeth were going to be extracted and every person I told winced and wished me luck through the hell I was about to face. However, Nick and his team performed wonderfully. Firstly the receptionist was incredibly welcoming and helped ease my initial nerves by being attentive and very reassuring. The dental assistants were absolutely amazing. They quelled my fear from the first second and had me feeling very safe and relaxed. Throughout the procedure the attentive care and details of what was happening and what I should be feeling really made the process a lot better for me. Nick was sublime, 3 teeth were gone within 15 minutes, absolutely painless and worry free. His constant encouragement was great. Overall the procedure was painless and extremely easy for me to go through. The recovery was amazing too, I didn’t need any pain medication the very next day, I think that is mostly due to the effort put forward by Nick and his team, I am very grateful and incredibly impressed. If you need dental work done, this is your guy!

    Jason N.

  15. Thank you Dr Nick. My implant is perfect and combined with correcting my bite.  It is the first time in many years that I can properly chew and enjoy my food. I have gone to several dentists looking for a fix.   Some were better than others but your skill level finally gave me a result. I sincerely appreciate Jessica referring me to you. I am an hour’s drive from your office but I will gladly continue to make the journey because you and your staff are the best.

    Nicole T.

  16. You guys are great.

    Derek T.

  17. I have been going to see Dr. Seddon for 6 years and have been very happy with his service. His clinic is comfortable and modern and he always has the latest technology. I appreciate his dedication to continuing education and learning the newest techniques. I have had whitening, veneers, and an implant done in his office on top of my regular cleaning and check-ups and have been thrilled with the results.

    Lorraine Bishop

  18. You guys have actually made me enjoy coming to the dentist – a big feat!

    Meghan C.

  19. Having a dental-phobia, it was very difficult to walk into a dentist office and feel calm. Although the news I received was not the best (what could I expect after 5 years?) I feel confident that Dr. Seddon and his team will help with my oral care, and keep me calm in the process. Yes, I’m very nervous to get the work done, but I don’t think I’d trust anyone else to do it.

    James Y.

  20. Monika is a treat. I actually don’t mind going to the dentist because Monika makes the world of a difference in my dental experience. She is friendly, professional and always full of insight. I feel comfortable asking her questions about my dental health and never feel judged (because of my numerous cavities or the fact that I now have pregnancy related gingivitis). I also enjoy my exchanges with Jean, she is always happy! (what does she take every morning ?!!!!).

    Melanie L.

  21. I was impressed with my two visits to the clinic. A happy positive environment. I will be back but not too soon! Many thanks!

    Wendy H.

  22. There is not a single negative aspect to my most recent visit to see Dr. Seddon and Team. In a small and weird way, I look forward to my dental appointments. Every staff in the office is friendly and greets me. Mya who assisted me recently is always great. She is a excellent communicator and always lets me know what she is doing or about to do. She also is great at seeking my understanding/confirmation, and asking if I have any questions. Her attitude and personality definitely puts my mind at ease when visiting the dentist. Thank you for making going to the dentist enjoyable. As always, keep up the great work, Dr. Seddon and Team.

    Andrew N.

  23. It was only for cleaning but I must say it was the most pleasant and through cleaning that I have had in a very, very long time. The hygienist was very informative and answered all my questions directly and with respect for my ability to understand. There was no vagueness or ambiguity.

    Loverne D.

  24. Dr. Seddon and the hygienist cleaning my teeth were very responsive to the special concerns I  informed them of on the day of my appointment.

    Kathy S.

  25. I guess it wouldn’t be truthful to say that I enjoy going to the dentist but I have always been happy when it it is over and it has always been a delight to be with Dr. Seddon’s team. I would recommend Dr. Seddon to anyone. Regards,

    Stewart Vorberg

  26. Thanks for the good job on my filling, and for accommodating my worsening gag reflex. You were very kind. And thanks, Mya and Kyla, for your compliments – my son Steve said you told him how good I look. Always nice to hear!

    Hazel S.

  27. Taryn is so friendly and welcoming! She makes my visits more comfortable! Thank you!

    Kelsey M.

  28. Fantastic as always! It makes going to the dentist a pleasure.

    Aaron L.

  29. When I have my appointment with Dr. Nick or the hygienist it is a painless /stress less visit. The ‘going to the dentist’ stigma is not there. Thanks.

    Cecilia C.

  30. The best dental office I have visited. Thank you for your care. I really like all the technical equipment. It helps me understand my care.

    Violit and Colin P.

  31. Dr. Dhillon and her team have always provided me with the best care a patient can ask for. My recent implant surgery was the most complex procedure I have every had. Dr. Dhillon was very professional and took the time to explain her process. The results are perfect and I encourage others to consult her office if you are in need of implants.

    Robert Sarkissian

  32. Dr. Dhillon has been part of the same implant study club as I for the past three years. I’ve observed her preform many surgeries and she has guided me during mine. She is well prepared, meticulous and knowledgeable. Her surgical skills are exceptional and I would trust her to do my dental work.

    Mehr Poulad

  33. Excellent experience overall. Super pleasant staff. Started on time and finished on time. Almost did not notice when Dr. Tina Dhillon started and how she finished (very painles) Best of all, my first experience at a dentist without the need to come back for an adjustments. I highly recommend Dundarave Dental.

    Mike Nabavi

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