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Oral Sedation

West Vancouver Oral Sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation:  extensive dental work, back pain, fear, previous traumatic dental experience, discomfort sitting for long periods of time, local anesthetic not effective, sensitive gag reflex

Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation: safe and easy to monitor, inexpensive, easy to administer, safe for children and adults

Preparing for your Oral Sedation Dentistry Appointment:

Ensure that you pick up any prescribed medication two days prior to your sedation appointment so that you can take it as instructed.  The night before, eat a healthy meal and avoid having any alcohol.  Get a good night’s sleep.  On the morning of your appointment, eat a healthy breakfast, but avoid anything with caffeine or grapefruit juice as these will react with the sedation medication.  Make sure that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your appointment and refrain from wearing make-up.  Finally, as you will not be able to drive yourself home, be sure that you have arranged to have a responsible adult to take you home from our office.

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