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Smile Expert – Dentists in West Vancouver

Dr. Seddon – The Smile Expert

Dr. Seddon received his Diplomate with the ICOI!

Dr. Seddon receiving his Diplomate with the ICOI!

Dr. Seddon has trained with the best dentists in the world, travelling to Brazil, United States, Italy, and France to learn all aspects of cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dentists in BC are required to take 30 hours of continuing education, whereas Dr. Seddon invests his time in over 300 hours. His goal is to provide the very best for any patient that walks through his door. He does this by hiring the best team he could ask for and using cutting-edge technology for every patient. Whether it is a single central incisor or a full-mouth rehabilitation, we make sure that each patient leaves with a big beautiful smile on his or her face!

Excellence in Microscope-Enhanced Implant, Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry


Surgical and Implant Dentistry

General Dentistry

Not all dentists in British Columbia use magnification to enhance their view of the mouth when working on various procedures, and less than 3% of general dentists use a microscope for all of their procedures. While most magnification is from dental loupes, which commonly provide only 2-2.5X magnification, the microscope gives Dr. Seddon the ability to visualize teeth at up to 20X power! This increased visibility allows Dr. Seddon to be incredibly precise in all procedures, which translates to better quality and more conservative treatment for his patients.


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