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Dental Resolutions 2020

Dental Resolutions 2020

Happy New Year !

I know!  It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone . . . again.  The idea of resolutions can be quite daunting for some as often “resolutions” join the ranks of “unfulfilled goals” with time.   Please allow us to assist you in reframing the idea of “New Year Resolutions” to Dental Care Resolutions.

Dental Care Resolutions aka Continual Dental Care Strategies are a fluid approach to your overall dental and oral health care needs that allows for changes in your life path as well as in your daily reality.  Rather than engaging in a fixed idea of dental and oral health care and what that looks like, Dr. Tina Dhillon and the Dundarave Dental Team can assist you in maintaining your current dental and oral health while addressing concerns that are both specific and important to you personally.  

Dental & Oral Health Services We Provide

Areas of focus that you may want to consider while exploring your dental and oral health care needs may include:

Regular dental hygiene visits.  What does that look like for you?  Are you someone that requires regularly scheduled three-month visits with our dental hygiene team or are your needs easily met with six-month visits?  Do you need additional or specialized care with your hygiene concerns? These ideas can be explored during your hygiene visits as Dr. Tina Dhillon’s Hygiene Team are here to help.

Regular dental check-ups.  A regular dental check-up with Dr. Tina Dhillon every 6 months is highly recommended.  Here, she will perform an oral exam and “check-in” and discuss your current dental health as well as potential areas of concern for preventative oral care and restorative dental procedures for future consideration.  Regular check-ups allow for a partnership approach to meeting your dental needs.

Acute Dental concerns.  Acute dental concerns include active cavities, pain or a limiting function – such as broken teeth.

Potential or future areas of concern.  Do you have dental crowns (or caps) that have served their time and are no longer functioning well, or are no longer cosmetically pleasing?  Is your current occlusal function (how your teeth fit together while you chew) causing trauma or damaging your teeth? Have you lost a tooth and would like to explore dental implants as a restorative strategy? Potential concerns also include changes to your oral flora (such as dry mouth due to new medications) that are impacting your effectiveness in maintaining homecare hygiene practices.  As our bodies and needs change over time, so do our dental needs and a proactive approach addresses this dynamic. Dr. Tina Dhillon’s advanced training in dental implants and full mouth restoration will be of great benefit to you and your family.

Cosmetic Dental considerations.  Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth alignment?  Have you noticed that your teeth have changed colour with time and would like to address that?  Is your current composite bonding staining or looking a little “tired”? Or is that single anterior crown that you originally had placed as a child or younger adult no longer blending in with your other teeth?  Cosmetic considerations may not be considered central to dental function but are often important to the individual. As such, cosmetic considerations are worthy of attention. Dr. Tina Dhillon has advanced training in these cosmetic dental procedures along with a focus on Invisalign (clear dental braces), porcelain veneers and crowns.

Exploring the dental needs of your family.  Questions explored may include: when do we bring our child to the dentist the first time; what happens when a family member has a dental emergency; and how may we support the dental needs of senior members of our family?  Dr. Tina Dhillon and her Dundarave Dental Team are here to answer all of your family’s dental questions.

Continual Dental Care Strategies is a partnership approach to meeting your dental needs, and the need of your family, in a framework that is fluid and collaborative.  

Contact Our Dental Clinic

If you have specific concerns that you would like to discuss with Dr. Tina Dhillon and the Dundarave Team – if you would like to discuss a long-term strategy for maintaining your dental health – we encourage you to explore the web site and bring your ideas with you to your next dental check-up or hygiene visit.  

Our lives are complex and constantly changing.  As members of your health care team, we would like to support you in determining strategies that meet both your personal dental need as well as the dental needs unique to your family.  

We look forward to visiting with you and wish you all the best for 2020!


Diane, Assistant to Dr. Tina Dhillon

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