West Vancouver Invisalign Specialists

West Vancouver Invisalign Specialists



On the thought of having started a new year, I figured it’s a great time for my first blog of 2012. This will be about an unbelievable service I love which is taking dentistry by storm!  Almost everyone has wished their teeth were straighter.  For years the options of braces have been available but come with many appointments, pain, food getting stuck, frustration, and perhaps most of all the daunting esthetic appearance.  It is important for me to provide patient knowledge and education about technological advancements and they are here.  As a Invisalign Preferred Provider, I am thrilled to announce I will be doing a virtual step by step video blog of new Invisalign Clear Brace Technology on myself, and will document and video record the step by step process from start to finish!  I will also be answering questions as the process continues on my blog and on facebook.

What is Invisalign exactly?  Imagine having braces which have virtually the opposite negative effects regular braces have! This technology includes being:

  1. Virtually invisible
  2. Removable
  3. More Tooth control
  4. Less appointments
  5. Virtual results before it happens
  6. Improved oral hygiene

Stay tuned for the beginning of this adventure coming soon!


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